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Northumbrian Pipers' Society

The Northumbrian Pipers’ Society was established in 1928 to promote the indigenous bagpipes of the North-East of England. Today they are active in promoting the playing, making, study and development of the Northumbrian pipes and their music.

Interesting music sites

Rossleigh Music

This site offers an excellent and wide range of music; including solo and ensemble pieces, full scale musicals, large-scale choral and band music, and more importantly, music for Northumbrian Pipes and folk groups

The Session

The exchange of tunes is what keeps traditional Irish music alive. This website is one way of passing on jigs, reels and other dance tunes. Some of the tunes are well known, and some are more obscure. It's this mixture of the familiar and the new that makes for a good session.

Visiting Northumberland and surrounding areas

Visit Alnwick

Alnwick Gardens

If you are going to visit Alnwick, then you must go to the Alnwick Castle and Gardens.

Welcome to Northumberland

'Take a deep breath, the search for tranquility is over' - The Daily Telegraph

Bagpipes - other than Northumbrian

Bagpipe Journey

Andrew T. Lenz, Jr's bagpipe web site. Excellent site full of information and links sites featuring all types of pipes

Lowland and Border Pipers' Society

The Lowland and Border Pipers’ Society is active in promoting the Lowland and Border Pipes.

Other sites of interest

Jan Bennett

Jan Bennett, classical and popular harp music and songs. Available for weddings, receptions, and recitals.